Friday, March 20, 2015

Free Online Games : Balloon Invention Play In Computer and Android

Free Online Games : Balloon Invention

Play Free " Balloon Invention " an Online Games / Flash game in your Computer and Android's Browser. For the first time play it may took some time to loading but after next time you can play it easily.

In Balloon Invention game you are the commander of anti-air defense in the aria. In each battle, you have direct control over a 88mm Flak.

Enemy balloons are approaching in great numbers. They are here to eliminate your defense and invade your country. Your goal is to destroy every upcoming balloon. If your main flack is destroyed, the battle is lost.

You gain prestige by destroying enemy units. You can spend your prestige points on air raids and defense structures. The final prestige at the end of the battle becomes your score for that level.

You can place various types of buildings to aid you in the battle. Each of them has its pros and cons.

You can request three different  type of raids, but use them wisely, each call makes them more expensive next time.

Aim with the mouse, hold down the mouse button to fire. Click on the icon approaching in the game to call air raids or place defense. You can use your keyboards key 1,2,3 for raids and 4,5,6,7,8,9, for buildings.

You can select your next battle on the map. Win battle to unlock further missions.You can scroll the map by moving left or right side in the screen. You can fight the same battle over again to make a high score. If your total score ( the sum of all best score of all level ) gets high enough, you can level up.

With each level you get commander points to spend on upgrades. You can upgrade your main flak, gain access to main building types and air raids, and upgrade general factors, such as building speed or prestige gain.

You can be awarded with badges for your performance in the battle, and for the progress in your war carrier. The badges screen can be reached from the map. You can review your statistics and your level progress in the statistics screen. You can save your progress after each battle. The content of the auto-save slot is updated after each victorious battle.

The enemy has already appeared in the horizon.....

It's time, Commander!

Good Luck.

To play Balloon Invention in your Computer and Android from our Blog you not need to Sign in/Sign up, no Log in/Registration, no Advertisement, no Survey, no waiting is required. Just play the game full free and lag less.

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