Friday, March 20, 2015

Free Online Games: Hit the Jackpot Play In Computer and Android

Free Play Online Games : Hit the Jackpot

Play Free " Hit the Jackpot " an Online Games / Flash game in your Computer's Browser free. For the first time play it may took some time to loading but after next time you can play it easily.

Write your Name and start playing Hit the Jackpot.

There is three Tournament in this game:
  1. Middle European Tournament,
  2. Grand Prix of the Mediterranean sea,
  3. Baltic Sea Tournament.

Beat at least 15 to start in the European Cup.


Move your mouse around the Circle to activate your blow. Click on the left button of mouse to shoot.

  1. To have the qualification to start in European Cup, you have to beat at least 15 in the qualifying tournament.
  2.  Accuracy and speed of aim influence the score.
  3. The qualifying tournament is played in 4 cities ( few trials on max 3 distance ). The European Cup : 7 cities.
  4. Available distance : 50m, 70m and 90m.
  5.  Watch out of the wind!
  1. For each shot you can score from 1 to 10 points.
  2. There is no extra points for time you shoot an arrow ( Time of your trial divided by 10 )
EXP. ( experience ):
  1. You are getting EXP. during your game .
  2. More EXP. you have, the better is your control of your bow ( So your chance for better Score )
Enjoy this addicting game in your Computer and Android.

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