Friday, March 20, 2015

Free Online Games : Portal Play In Computer and Android

Free Play Online Games : Portal

Play Free " Portal " an Online Games / Flash game in your Computer and Android's Browser. For the first time play it may took some time to loading but after next time you can play it easily.

It is your finally time for your Physical test, subject 15837. The ASHPD is now in your hands. Show us what a motivated test subject can do. Provide us your are legitimate for the job. Think with Portals.

You may have noticed that this morning, you woke up in a very strange location. Your task today is to find your way to the exit door, and go through it, alive. You may not be able to complete this task using your body only, but thanks to the Apertures Science Handheld Portal Device ( ASHPD ), the impossible is easy. Try shoot two holes, one reachable through your cell and one out of it. See what happens.

The darker wall you may see in the task are different than the walls you meet in the previous tasks. Those are the Portals proof walls. You may walk on them, but you can't open portals on them.

Use left/A and right/D to go left and right side, and up/W button to jump. Use Left button of the Mouse to Launch a Portal.

As you may have learn in the previous task, your Portal device can shoot two different holes ( Yellow and Blue ). Each will lead you to the others location.

You can also use Q to open a Blue Portal and E to open a Yellow Portal.

To change your settings, restart the game, pause the game or quite game use Esc or P.

Play the Online Games : Portal to get more help to different game stage.

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