Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Get " Try my Code " The offline version of " Try it editor " by W3schools for learning html/xml

Software " try it editor "

Did you want to learn HTML / XML to design your web?
Then Try this Try it editor software.
It will help you to learn HTML / XML.

Tryit Editor is a lightweight HTML editor that uses CodeMirror to highlight code. It features an easy to use WYSIWYG interface, as well as many functions, such as saving to local disk. Features automatic updates of main script files.

  • WYSIWYG - preview pane that lets you see exactly what you get
  • Lightweight - less than 200kb installed, download size less than 2mb
  • Syntax highlighting - see all, fix all
  • Browser independent - use on any modern browser (meaning NOT IE)
  • Auto updates - insure you get the latest build
  • Admin panel - (hint: press F2 and enter the konami code with no spaces, only versions with auto updates)

Introduction :

1) You haven’t  install it,
2) Just download the file and extract it,
3) Then open it with Firefox/Chrome

Software " try it editor "
4) Then do as picture
Software " try it editor "

Software " try it editor "

Now download Tryit Editor or Try my code Offline from here : Tryit Editor
Or for online version go to the Official site W3School : Tryit Editor v2.3

You may also try Google Chrome Extension for you Google Chrome Browser.

If you feel any problem then just email me.

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