Saturday, December 5, 2015

How to Play " Neo Geo " Games in Computer and Laptop with " NeoRAGEx " software

How to Play Neo Geo Games in Computer

Playing Tutorial of Neo Geo Games in Computer, Laptop and PC :

  1. At first downlaod Neo Geo emulator from here NeoRAAGEx-1987.rar,
  2. Then move it to your Specified location where you can find it easily and extract it using 7zip or Winrar or Other Extracting Software,
  3. After extracting you will got 10 File and Folder,
  4. Then download Neo Geo Rom from here Neo Geo Rom Games,
  5. Then copy/move the downloaded Rom to roms directory you got from the NeoRAGEx rar software,
  6. Then open NeoRAGEx5.0.exe,
  7. Then Set the control from option,
  8. Then Click import and  all the rom you keeps in roms folder will be shown,
  9. Now select any game you want to play,
  10. Then Launch it to play,
  11. Now enjoy the Neo Geo Gamesin your Computer.
Follow the Image Tutorial to Play Neo Geo Games in Computer, Laptop and PC :

Open NeoRAGEx and Select Controls > Player Controls
How you want to play ? With keyboard or Joystick, select it,
In keyboard setting set it up
Setup Joystick
Shortcut fighting settng here
Don't change the directories
Perfect video settings
Perfect Audio seetings
Perfect Machine Settings,
After Download Neo Geo Rom Game keep it to roms
Click Import to load all Games

YouTube video Tutorial to play Neo Geo Games in Computer :

Try some Neo Geo Games from here :