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Download Free Games " Breakers Revenge " a Neo Geo Fighting Game and Play in Computer and Android

Download Free Games " Breakers Revenge "

" Breakers Revenge " a Neo Geo Emulator Fighting Game for Computer and Android

Breakers Revenge is a 2D fighter created by Visco in 1996 for the Neo Geo MVS. It is a small
update to the previous game, adding new music and one character, Saizo. It is really nice Game and Action Game.

Main characters

The original Breakers features a roster of eight playable characters and a single boss character who is playable only in the home versions. Additionally, each of the playable character has a differently named palette-swapped alter-ego that each character face during the single-player mode instead of the usual clone. Breakers Revenge introduces one new character and turns the boss into a playable character as well.

  • Japan Sho Kamui (神威 翔 Kamui Shō) - The lead character. A young karate exponent from Japan who is pursuing strength. In the 1994 prototype Crystal Legacy, he was known as Takeshi Kamui (神威 武 Kamui Takeshi)).

  • South Korea Lee Dao-Long (李 刀龍, Romaji: Rī Taoron, Pinyin: Lǐ Dāolóng) - Sho's rival and senior. A young Korean who practices a Chinese martial art called the "Empty Fist." In the 1994 prototype Crystal Legacy, he was known as Park Tong Shin (朴 東勝, Pinyin:Piáo Dōngshèng), and wears a slightly different outfit.

  • Thailand Tia Langray (ティア・ラングレー Tia Rangurē) (voice actor: Minako Arakawa) - A female fighter in a red leotard and headband famous for her kicks. Her name in the 1994 prototype Crystal Legacy was Shelly Tarlar, which was given to her clone counterpart in Breakers. Her prototype version wears a slightly different outfit.

  • Italy Pielle Montario (ピエール・モンタリオ Piēru Montario) - A Italian nobleman who fights with a fencer's weapon (most likely an épée or sabre) and the power of lightning. In the 1994 prototype Crystal Legacy, his name was spelled as Pierre Montalio, with the "l"'s and "r" switched.

  • United States Condor Heads (コンドル・ヘッズ Kondoru Hezzu) - A Native American fighter who uses a powerful grappling style. In the 1994 prototype Crystal Legacy, he was known as Red Gigars, a name given to his clone counterpart.

  • Saudi Arabia Shiek Maherl (シーク・マハール Shīku Mahāru) - A stocky Arabian man who fights with a scimitar and uses fire projectiles, but can also inflate himself like a balloon. In the 1994 prototype Crystal Legacy, he was known as Sahl Mahal (サージ・マハール).

  • Brazil Rila Estansia (ライラ・エスタンシア Raira Esutanshia) - A wild-hearted protector of the wilderness and forests of the Amazon who attacks with her claws and speed. In the 1994 prototype Crystal Legacy, she was known as Virgo Sandra, which was given to her clone counterpart in Breakers.

  • Egypt Alsion III (アルシオンⅢ世 Arushion Sansei) - An undead ancient Egyptian with rubber-like limbs who uses electric and poison attacks. Unlike other characters, in the 1994 prototype Crystal Legacy, his main name is the same name in Breakers, and was neither changed to a different name, nor given to his clone counterpart.

  • China Huang Bai-Hu (黄 白虎, Romaji: Hoan Paifū, Pinyin: Huáng Báihǔ) - The game's final boss. Supposedly the world's strongest martial artist, he is an evil spirit who killed Dao-Long's father and possessed his body. In the 1994 prototype Crystal Legacy, he was known as Dostov.

  • Japan Tobikage Saizo (飛影 才蔵) - A ninja who seeks revenge on Bai-Hu for the slaughter of his clan. His attacks use fire and various animals. He is the only new character in Breakers Revenge.
This is really awesome game. Play with your friend and get enjoyed.

Series :
In Breakers Revenge there is almost same player of Breakers . It have 9 Player and You have to select only 1 player to play the game.

This Game is a Multiplayer game so you can play it with your friend.

Play with different player and Comment which player you love to play with.

Let's See :

  1. Some Information of  Breakers Revenge game, 
  2. Some Screenshot of Breakers Revenge game,
  3. 1 You Tube Game Play of Breakers Revenge,
  4. Download link and How to Play the Breakers Revenge game in your Computer and Android,
  5. And at last, If you can't understand any instruction then 2 link has added to help you the instruction.
No more talking let's see

            Breakers Revenge Wiki / Information

Breakers Revenge
Mode Multiplayer, 2 Player games
Visco Corporation
SNK Play more


If you want to know more about Breakers Revenge you may visit Wikipedia, Search Google or Visit the Developers Website.

See some Computer Game Play Screenshot of Breakers Revenge :

When you will take the coin in Breakers Revenge this skin will appear,
When you will open the NeoRAGEx select Breakers Revenge to Play the Game
Here is 9 Player, Select 1 player which you like,
Saizo: I have more power, Condor: No, I have more power,
Yaaa Dhishummmm, I will break your tooth and lose you,
Slash, Slash, Did you want any more fighting with me?
Ha Ha Ha I have won and you lose,
I am the real fighter, Do you Challenge me ?

To Play Breakers Revenge game in your Computer follow the instruction :

  1. At first free download the Emulator Software NeoRAGEx5.0
  2. Then Extract The Software and you will get total 10 file and folder
  3. Then also free download Breakers Revenge 
  4. After download copy to the ROM directory which you got from the first rar file.
  5. Then click on NeoRAGEx5.0 exe
  6. Then Setup Control as your comfortable mode ( See this post to get help on how to set up control How to Play "Neo Geo" Games in Computer and Laptop ,
  7. Now select Breakers Revenge and Launch it,
  8. Now enjoy Breakers Revenge in your Computer.

To Play Breakers Revenge game in Android Just follow the instruction :

  1. Free download Neo Geo Emulator Software neo.emu
  2. Then install neo.emu software,
  3. Then free download  Breakers Revenge
  4. And also download
  5. After download Copy this two file ( Breakers Revenge ) and ( Bios file )  in one folder,
  6. Then open neo.emu Software form Menu,
  7. Teen click load game and find where you kept the two file
  8. If you found the click on to load the game,
  9. Then Press Start to get coin, again press Start to Play the game,
  10. You can pause the game by pressing select,
  11. In Breakers Revenge game you are able to use cheat,
  12. To enter the cheat menu you have to press Select and Start at the same time,
  13. If you are unable to enter the cheat menu the continually press Select and Start with your finger,
  14. If you have Enter the cheat menu you will see four option,
  15. First, The Cheat Database,
  16. Second, Debug Dip Setting,
  17. Patch Memory,
  18. Soft Reboot System,
  19. We have only enter The Cheat Database,
  20.  Use A for OK / Enter the cheat Database,
  21. Use A to mark the Cheat ( If you mark any cheat it will show as cross )
  22. :You can unlock the following thing from The Cheat Database :

  • Infinite Time,
  • 1UP Infinite Energy,
  • 1UP Infinite Chi,
  • 1UP Always Minimum Chi,
  • 2UP Infinite Energy,
  • 2UP Infinite chi,
  • 2UP Always Minimum Chi,
  • Player 1 AES Infinite Credits,
  • Player 2 AES Infinite Credits,

  1. You can use B button to reset the cheat,
  2. After selecting the cheat Press C for Exit the cheat Database,
  3. Now Enjoy Breakers Revenge in your Android with cheat.

If you can't download and play the Breakers Revenge game in your computer and Android, also if you can't understand the instruction follow this tow post. Those post is made with Screenshot and You Tube video so you haven't suffer and you will be success.

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