Friday, April 17, 2015

Free Download Games " Columns / Tetris " and Play in Computer

Free Download Games Tetris
Free Download Games " Columns / Tetris "

Welcome to my Blog.

Today I am Sharing a Old Neo Geo games Tetris.

If you have played this type game in your Retro machine then it will absolutely like it.

You can Play it Multiplayer. play with your friend and Beat them.

It is really addicting Game.

Let's See :

  1. Some Information of  Columns / Tetris game, 
  2. Some Screenshot of Columns / Tetris game,
  3. 1 You Tube Game Play of Columns / Tetris,
  4. Download link and How to Play the Columns / Tetris game in your Computer and Android,
  5. And at last, If you can't understand any instruction then 2 link has added to help you the instruction.
No more talking let's see live

             Columns Wiki / Information
Editor Sega
Developer(s) Sega
Desiner Jay Geertsenestis

Release Date 1990
Genre Puzzle
Mode Two players, Multiplayer
System C-2, Mega-Tech Neo Geo MVS (home brew)
Mega Drive, Master System, MSX 2, PC Engine, PC-98, X68000
Console(s) portable(s)
Game Gear
Media  Cartridge , Diskette, HuCard
Control Joystick + 1 button,

If you want to know more about Columns / Tetris you may visit Wikipedia, Search Google or Visit the Developers Website.

Let's See Some Computer Game Play Screenshot of Columns / Tetris :

Free Download Games Tetris
Start your Journey in Columns / Tetris,
Free Download Games Tetris
To Play the Game select Columns / Tetris from NeoRAGEx Emulator Software
Free Download Games Tetris
To Get Score you have match same color Jewels,
Free Download Games Tetris
If you have played the Game then how many score you do ?
Free Download Games Tetris
If you do well you will automatically go to next level

To Play Captain Tomaday game in your Computer Follow the instruction :

  1. At first you have to download the Emulator to play Captain Tomaday,
  2. Here free download the software NeoRAGEx5.0
  3. Extract this software and you will get 10 file and folder,
  4. Now free download the game Columns / Tetris
  5. If you have downloaded ( Columns / Tetris ) then copy it to the ROM directory which you have got from the first rar file,
  6. After copy Open NeoRAGEx5.0.exe software,
  7. To Play this game setup the control ( See this post to get help on how to set up control How to Play "Neo Geo" Games in Computer and Laptop ,
  8. Now Find Columns / Tetris and Launch it,
  9. And  enjoy Columns / Tetris game in your Computer.

If you can't download and play the Columns / Tetris  game in your computer and Android, also if you can't understand the instruction follow this tow post. Those post is made with Screenshot and You Tube video so you haven't suffer and you will be success.

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