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Free Download Android HD Games " Strikers 1945-3 " and Play in Android Smartphone and Tablet

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Free Download Games " Strikers 1945-3 "

" Strikers 1945-3 " a Free Android HD Games for your Android Smartphone and Tablet

Free download a shooter game for your Android. It is Strikers 1945-3 a old Arcade Game in Android Version.

You can easily control it in your Android. There is no lag to play this game. It can be played in On line or off line.

Description of Strikers 1945-3

It's 1999, Now join the last war to save the world from evil.
The latest fighter Aircraft from F-22 to F-117 stealth bombers awaits you.
Don't miss out on Multiplay battle with players all over the world unlike in the arcade.
We invite you to the 20th century's last arcade game.

■It is totally Simple controls that don't need a tutorial. So enjoy it.
■There is Various difficulty levels for everyone to enjoy from beginners to advanced players
■Thrilling fun maximizing the arcade gaming feel!
■It Supports multiplay battle with players from all over the world, in a fierce battle with up to 4 players
■5 of the latest aircraft's and a special military aircraft for military fans.
■Strikers 1945-3 Supports 9 different Languages! What is your Language?
■You can Play this games in any Low Configuration Mobile to any High Configuration Tablet,
■Achievements and leader board feature.

[ How to Control Strikers 1945-3]

Screen slide: Move aircraft.
Super shot button touch: Fire super shot using gauge collected on top of the screen.
Bomb button touch: Fire a bomb to block enemy fire for some time.

See some Android Game Play Screenshot of Strikers 1945-3 :

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Strikers 1945-3 can be played in 2 mode, single player, Multiplayer,
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There is many mission in Strikers 1945-3, Which mission you want to play,
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Start your mission with Easy, Normal, pro or Master mode, prove your skill,
free download games, android games,
I have started my mission to kill the enemy to save the world,
free download games, android games,
I am Playing Strikers 1945-3 in Multiplayer mode,
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I have fighting with Boss, Come and Play with me in Multiplayer,

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