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Download Free Games " Fight Fever " and Play in Computer

Fight Fever Neo Geo Emulator Games
Download Free Games " Fight Fever "
" Fight Fever " a Neo Geo Emulator Games for Computer

Hello friends,

Today I am sharing a Fighting Game name Fight Fever.

If you love Fighting Game then you are welcome.

This is really a good Fighting Game. You will definitely enjoy this game.

Let's see the character information :


  • South Korea Han Baedal - The protagonist of the game. A taekwondo exponent who appears to be a cross between Ryu and Ryo Sakazaki.
  • Japan Miyuki - A dancer and only female character in the game.
  • Germany Rophen Heimer - A German bartender and martial artist.
  • United States Magic Dunker - A basketball player who is most likely named after Magic Johnson.
  • Brazil Golrio - A fat indigenous Brazilian warrior with the ability to throw fireballs and spin around quickly against his opponents.
  • United States Nick Commando - A large masked soldier who can throw grenades and charge at the foe.
  • China Chintao - A Chinese martial monk.
  • Mexico Kim Hoon - A palette-edit, semi-clone and rival of Han Baedal.
  • South Korea Master Taekuk - An old taekwondo master who can stretch out his arms and slam the opponent.
  • Japan Karate Kenji - The final boss of the game. He was voiced by Masaki Usui, who also voiced Ryo Sakazaki from the Art of Fighting series and Haohmaru from the Samurai Showdown series.
Don't forget to play it with your Friend as it is a Multiplayer.

Let's See :

  1. Some Information of Fight Fever game, 
  2. Some Screenshot of Fight Fever game,
  3. Download link and How to Play the Fight Fever game in your Computer,
  4. And at last, If you can't understand any instruction then 2 link has added to help you the instruction.
No more talking let's see

Fight Fever Wiki / Information

Developer(s) Viccom (assisted by SNK)
Publisher(s) Viccom
Platform(s) Arcade Neo Geo
Release date(s) June 28, 1994
September 1994
Genre(s) Fighting Game
Mode(s) Up to 2 players simultaneously
Cabinet Upright
Arcade system Neo Geo (98 Mbit cartridge)
Display Raster, 304 x 224 pixels (Horizontal), 4096 colors

To Know more about Fight Fever Visit Wikipedia, Search in Google and you can also get more information from the Developer's Website.

Let's See some Computer Game Play Screenshot of Fight Fever :

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This Screen will appear in Fight Fever when you select coin
Free NeoRAGEx Neo Geo Emulator Software
When You open NeoRAGEx Emulator Software select Fight Fever
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To Play Fight Fever in your Computer follow the instruction :

  1. To Play Fight Fever Game you first have to download the Emulator Software
  2. Here you Free Download NeoRAGEx5.0
  3. Extract it and you will get 10 file and folder,
  4. Then free download Fight Fever
  5. After download copy ( Fight Fever ) to the ROM directory you got from the first rar file,
  6. Then click on NeoRAGEx5.0.exe
  7. Then Setup Control as your comfortable mode (See this Post if you Can't Understand how to set up How to download Games and play from Android Mobile and Smartphone),
  8. Now select Fight Fever and Launch it,
  9. Now enjoy Fight Fever in your Computer,

This Game doesn't support on Android, But if I passed to play on Android I will Update this Post.

If you can't download and play the Fatal Fury - King Of Fighters Game in your Computer and Android, also if you can't understand the instruction follow this tow post. Those post is made with Screenshot and You Tube video so you haven't suffer and you will be success.

How to Play "Neo Geo" Games in Computer and Laptop
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