Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Free Download Android HD Games " Real Retro Games " " 8 Games in 1 " and Play in Android

Free Download Android HD Games " Retro Games "

" 8 Games in 1 " " Retro Games " an Old Retro Games for Android

Hello friends,

Today I am sharing an Old Retro Games.

You may played those games in your Retro but now you are able to play it in your Android.

In this Game you will find this Games :
  1. Tank,
  2. Helicopter,
  3. Snake,
  4. Tetris etc.


Real retro games is the collection of the best games from the most popular console of the 90s - Brick Games. Are you tired of complicated and obscure games? Did you miss the favorite classic games? Try it at least once, to remember how great it was!Now, these retro games are available for free on your phones and tablets. Original sound, easy-to-use controls, various skins for devices, a full set of games, and no built-in payments and purchases. Play the classic snake, tanks, racing, tennis, shooter and other logical, sports and arcade games.
Now in “Real retro games” are available 8 different games, you can also change the initial level and the speed for each of the games.
Play and achieve the best scores, compete with friends and acquaintances. And if you are missing some games, or if you have noticed any incorrectness of the controls, please, inform us about it in the comments section and we will try to accommodate your wishes in the next update.
Retro Games – the soul of video games.

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Game features:
  1. Stylish interface;
  2. Carefully recreated classic Brick Games;
  3. Original sound setting;
  4. Familiar controls that was transferred to the touchscreen;
  5. Set of additional skins for the device;
  6. Favorite Game Play - and nothing extra.


Let's See some Android Game Play of Real Retro Games :

The old retro Games

Did you like this ?

It was really awesome and it remembered my childhood.

It was my first Gaming inventory.

So Did you not want to wait ?

Click here to download Real_Retro_Games.apk - 18.8 MB

Just install it and then open it.

And at last enjoy all total 8 Games in it.