Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Free Download Apps " SHAREit v3.0.18 Updated " Android to Transfer File

Free Download SHAREit v3.0.18 Updated
Free Download SHAREit for Android

Free Android File Transfer Tool SHAREit v3.0.18 Download:

World's fastest cross platform file transfer tool is now available for free.

It is easy to use in Android.

SHAREit is a free tool and you can download it from Google Play Store.

See some picture of SHAREit Android file Transfer tool:

SHAREit v3.0.18 Updated apk
SHAREit support any kind of file format to send
SHAREit v3.0.18 Updated Free Download
It nothing cost mobile cost, internet or USB,
SHAREit v3.0.18 apk
You can Group file Share through SHAREit
Free Download SHAREit
You can use SHAREit to any kind of Android Mobile
Free SHAREit v3.0.18 Updated apk
It is Up To 10 MB/s and 200x better than Bluetooth

Features of SHAREit v3.0.18:

  1. You can Share any kind of files to one Android to another through SHAREit v3.0.18.
  2. It is 200 time better then Bluetooth.
  3. You no need any kind of data, USB or no Internet.
  4. You can Share any kind of file through SHAREit.
  5. You can also connect to PC to share file.
  6. It is compatible to any kind of Android for free.
Free Download SHAREit v3.0.18 5.6 MB